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We believe Entrepreneurship drives innovation, and can be more accessible to everyone.

Need Space?

Small Business Owners, Startup Founders, and Corporate Event Organizers can quickly and easily rent space by the Month, Day, and Hour.

On Demand

Space that's flexible & available when you need it

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Digital Tours

Use VR to tour spaces before scheduling physical tours

easy pay

Convenient payment options that suit your organization


Work with premiere insurance providers to protect your business

Strategic Partnership

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Have Space?

Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Landlords, and Corporate Event Venues can eliminate the hassle and headache of short-term rentals.


Short-term rentals reduce vandalism, offset property expenses, and generate long-term relationships


Avoid listing fees and showcase your property for FREE on our platform


Leverage cutting-edge technology to support your deal with paperwork and payment processing


Your space is protected against damage and injury through our Insurance Partners

Find Your Next Space


Space for that extra inventory

Store produce or food trucks
Extra inventory from e-commerce or local small business
Shipping containers to construction material

Starting at $375/month

Office Space

Office Space when you're ready

Furnished or unfurnished
1 person or 100 member team
Step away from home office or base entire company
Just the day or by the month

Starting at $150/month

Event Space

Space for that day event

Unique and traditional spaces
Local networking events or large conferences

Starting at $100/day

Popup Retail Space

Space when social is not enough

Create branded experiences
Sell when it makes sense

Starting at $150/month